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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

FOMA analog vintage Photo booth Paper Tank processing Configuration
FOMA Photobooth Paper Tank Configuration

A&A Studios has been using FOMA papers in our analog booths for over a decade. We had initially offered these papers for sale in 2012, but had very little interest despite the insanely low price at that time. Fast forward to 2023, the inevitable cessation of Slavich photobooth paper finally happened with the Russian/Ukraine war. With this occurrence, all manner of photobooth users and operators have been reaching out to A&A with questions about alternative paper options (sorry if we didn’t get back to you). As we have expressed many times before, we feel FOMA is the most feasible alternative option having an existing suitable paper product in production. For those holding out for Ilford and Kodak, or even ADOX, to provide a readymade roll product, don’t hold that breath too long. With Slavich paper stock exhausted, the reality of another producer making a readymade product within the next 12 months seems very unlikely (hopefully I’m proved wrong). Therefore, we have decided to offer our small stock of FOMA available for sale in limited quantities as a stop-gap measure for those with no other paper options. Due to limited stock, we cannot provide tester rolls. However, we can mail sample strips. See post here for a visual FOMA Sample.

PURCHASING: We are making this paper available now so that people can start to test the FOMA product. This is really just a way to help our photobooth community during an uncertain time. We hope that in the near future there will be more FOMA rolls available at a better price than Slavich. As of 4/17/2023: We currently have a very limited stock of 250ft rolls (~375 strip count) available for sale at $225/roll + tax/ship. To start, we are limiting sales to 2 rolls per person, on a first come first serve basis. More paper will be available as soon as we can get stock converted by our processor or get materials directly cut via FOMA. Pricing is subject to change based on paper and conversion costs. We are limiting stock so as many operators as possible can try to get this stock and experiment on their own and prevent hoarding. Check back for updates.

To place an order email: and CC:

**NOTE: Current stock varies in width from 1.5” to 1.625”. If you are not comfortable experimenting with your booth settings, please refrain from purchasing. This paper will require some effort to use as it is not as P sensitive as Slavich. You will need to roll your sleeves up. Processing info below. All sales are final.

vintage photo booth paper analog
An example of FOMA photobooth paper

SAMPLE POST PROCESS SET-UP: Model-17 cabinet. F-Stop = 5.6 on plate camera. Developer tanks 1+2 ~100F (Clayton P20 developer) with fish tank heater set at 95F. Developer tanks 3+4 and all other tanks ambient cabinet temperature around ~80F. Light: AP10 system w/ two top bulbs and no low light. Small standard transmission pulley.


1-4 (developer) w/ tanks 1+2 heated. 2gl of Clayton P20 divided equally among the 4 tanks. For other developers, simply double up, i.e. use your standard tank 1-2 mixture in both sets of tanks (1-4).

5 water

6 bleach - standard dilution similar to Slavich Minutka

7 water

8-9 Clearing 1lb powder

10 water

11 toner - standard dilution similar to Slavich Minutka

12-14 water (use single tanks to minimize toner migration to developer)

You should be able to use your standard Slavich Minutka developer x2, but I would suggest a test first. What developer do you use now? If you can get Ilford, I would suggest 7.5 liters of 2000 RT divided by the first 4 tanks as indicated above, then the top off with water. Use the remainder of the developer concentrate for replenishing. This paper does need a lot more work and developer, but given the circumstances, it is better than nothing.


*Add a larger transmission pulley (increases development time)

*Add additional strobes via slave (increases light)

*Increase temperature in developer 1+2.

*In addition to developer tanks 1+2, heat dev tanks 3+4 to 95-105F

*Use a heat belt or space heater (Increases ambient temp of cabinet and also heats other chemical tanks).

*Slow down the transmission speed electronically with a dimmer or other method. (Increases development time).

STAY TUNED: we also have a small stock of very nice Ilford paper that works similar to FOMA. We will be posting on this and making this stock available for sale later. We also have some back rolls of various Slavich stock we will investigate selling.

See you all in London this July at the Convention. Until then, keep the faith!

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