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Visit our Gallery to see variations of the booth models below.  

Analog chemical booth restorations & custom digital-retro photobooths handmade in the USA, designed to order.

M-003: The "Model Three" tips its hat to the "flat back" booths that were ubiquitous in the 1960's. This four-piece booth can be disassembled for transport in a small van or for access through tight doorways and cramped elevators.

Price $14,500.00

M-003S: The "Model Three S" is a shorter version of our most popular booth, the M-003. With a smaller footprint this photobooth can be tucked in a small space without forgoing a true vintage aesthetic. Just like the M-003, this four-piece booth can be disassembled as needed for mobility.

Price $14,500.00

M-004: The "Model Four" is the classic style photobooth cabinet complete with enclosed rear returns for maximum privacy. Like all of our custom built booths, this model can be disassembled into four main components to accommodate access almost anywhere. Got stairs? No problem... A basic furniture dolly and some muscles will make it a cinch to get this booth into your basement bar, man cave, or studio apartment!

Price $15,500.00

M-001: The "Model One" was our first vintage adaptation inspired by the great "Wing-Top" Model-14 photobooth from the 1960's. - A favorite of the quintessential boardwalk style arcades that littered beaches, vacation resorts and the American midway for decades. The form of this booth just sings "ad man" Martini with an olive afloat on top! The M-001 is a full sized booth with a flat back to allow maximum cramming of heads for the perfect haphazard photo, just like the photobooth gods meant it to be.

Price $16,750.00

M-011: The "Model Eleven" is the Holy Grail of photobooths. Reborn from a bygone era, the M-011 is our finest example of true and fine craftsmanship. The curved pill-like shape of this 1950's classic is an honest stunner that drops them dead in their tracks. While there may be many photobooths in this world, there is only one "Model Eleven". Without a doubt this is our pièce de résistance!

Price $23,500.00

Custom Designs: Like our style but maybe you have something else in mind? You say you want a zombie booth...? A battleship? A Tiki booth...? No problem, we have you covered. A&A Studios can build anything to your spec, or, design the entire concept from conception to final product. From mixed hardware to tailored software, we can integrate all of your program requirements.

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Additional options and hardware such as credit card machines, bill acceptors, touch screens, signage, etc.

Vintage analog photobooth parts, consumables and information. (Auto-Photo / Photo-Me / Mutoscope Photomatic )

A&A Studios offers a wide range of design services and techniques to embellish your photobooth. We utilize everything from silkscreen, cut-vinyl, free-hand painting and stenciled artwork to capture your vision.

Refurbished Auto-Photo Model-14 analog photo booth with multi-coin international & USA coin unit.

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Visit our Gallery to see variations of the booth models above.